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Learn how to get a red-carpet-worthy glow.

“You can have someone do your makeup and look beautiful, but if you can’t replicate it, then what’s the point?” asks Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani’s Celebrity Face Designer and VP of Creative Artistry. “I think that’s why Luminous Silk Foundation has held up over time,” he says of brand’s cult-favorite product. “One of the secrets to any good beauty product is that you can do it yourself.” We couldn’t agree more. The Sephora Glossy recently caught up with Quinn to learn how to get the famous Armani Glow and more. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Do you have a first beauty memory?

When I was young, my grandmother remarried and moved to New York. She became rather glamorous—she had all her furs and all her makeup, and she would sit at her beauty counter and do her lipstick and I used to watch. That was where my initial obsession with makeup started to come in. She grew up in the country in Connecticut, and when she moved to New York she was more sophisticated. That’s when I saw that makeup could really transform you. That was always in the back of my head. Then I went on to be a stockbroker and earned a degree in economics. I must have hit my head or something!

So how did you segue into becoming a makeup artist?

Accidentally, actually. I was working in finance in Florida, and I realized it wasn’t for me. I quit my life and I started doing different things. I worked for a tequila company, I bought an ice cream store, I modeled. And then I ended up in Milan thinking I might want to get into photography. I started apprenticing with a makeup artist out there and it evolved over the next couple of years. I met great people, and then along came Armani back in 2001. 

How do beauty and fashion go hand in hand? And how do they differ?

With fashion, there’s so much work and creativity that goes into it—it’s such a team effort. That’s why I sometimes think it’s unfair for someone to come in with a magazine picture and say, “I want to look like this.” There’s a whole team behind that. There’s the hair, the lighting—one thing just can’t stand alone. I sometimes hate when someone compliments just the makeup, because that might mean the rest of the look doesn’t look so great, because it’s about the overall look. I love when someone just looks elegant or you notice them, but you’re not quite sure what it is because it’s this presence. It’s supported by all of that; the fashion, the beauty, the perfume; it’s the aura.

You’ve worked with some of the most famous women in the fashion and entertainment worlds. What are the top requests or concerns you hear?

The fear is the complexion. Whether it’s a young girl or a lot of well-established actresses. The trends come and go, but if the skin looks flawless, everything works better. 

What is the signature Armani Glow?

One of the keys to our runway look is this luminous, glowing skin. Mr. Armani loves the idea of a woman’s glow rather than looking made up. The Luminous Silk Foundation gives you this natural finish and we have a wonderful range of the Fluid Sheers that can be added for a little extra luminescence—and one that has a bit of a gold for a slight touch of a sunkissed look. I was watching an awards show the other night and people really embrace that look of glowing skin. It looks great at any age. One of the things with these young girls too, when you’re young you have this natural glow in your skin that women who are 40+ all want. It’s naturally associated with youth, and we’re all obsessed with youth. I love the idea of using the Fluid Sheers here because it gives you the ability to control the glow, so you don’t wind up looking like an oil slick. That can be a problem sometimes when you go overboard with glowing. 

How do you get the look?

I like to use a primer to help neutralize any kind of discoloration of the skin, and then I use a little bit of foundation. When I’m on the red carpet, I would just use the Luminous Silk Foundation, and around the eye area tap a little bit of the Fluid Sheer #2. I really love #2; it’s like a champagne tone that works well on most skin complexions. It gives it that glow you see around the eyes all the time, keeping it on top of the cheekbone. 


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