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New lipsticks, new liners, new artist-designed product sleeves—read all about it.

Donald Robertson is a creative fiend. While he’s led a rich career in branding and illustration, he’s now getting noticed for his immensely popular Instagram presence—where he posts art pieces that feel witty, cool, and glamorous all at once. Now, thanks to a recent collaboration with Smashbox, you can take home a piece of his work. He designed original packaging for the new ultra-matte Be Legendary Lipstick and long-wearing Photo Angle Gel Liners. We caught up with Robertson to find out more about his practice and how we can be Instagram famous too. KELLEY HOFFMAN

How did you team up with Smashbox on this project?
My Smashbox collaboration came about because I hustled for it to happen. I feel LA is super-hot right now. I love everything about it. Stuff is happening here, so I hitched a ride!

Can you tell us about your design process?
I did a super-cool collab with Smashbox at a boutique in Paris. We made a little art sleeve to go over a Smashbox French flag red lipstick. It was really cool. So back in America, we pitched Sephora on a similar art sleeve idea...only we made a unique painting for each one. It’s like we have a little mini museum on our Sephora station. Tiniest art show ever. Ha!                           

What are your thoughts on the new lipsticks and liners?
I like when people are all crazy-enthusiastic about something they made. The product peeps at Smashbox are all jazzed about this new “nice to your mouth” matte lipstick and this wild color eye paint. I don’t wear makeup so I don’t know, but it seems like this is going to be big!                               

What do you love about the Smashbox brand?
I really like Smashbox founder Davis Factor. We hung out in Asia at a beauty event there and he invited me to come to the studio for a play date. He is very passionate about his brand and his photography, and he has a really cool team. It’s a great vibe. They prototype and design all the stuff at their Culver City studio then Davis and his crew shoot it at Smashbox Studios! Who does that?                                      

How would you describe your artistic style?
It’s what I call “Tongue-in-chic.” Clever, huh?

Your Instagram account @DonaldDrawbertson has a huge following. How did you achieve such an amazing presence?
My Instagram is like my performance art. I’m an over-sharer. I post way too much, but I love painting, drawing, creating, and laughing with everyone. I literally have friends in every corner of the world right now on Instagram. I can tell when countries are waking up based on comments. I love it.

Where do you find inspiration?
I have five kids from ages one to eighteen. I am overflowing with ideas that I steal from them on a daily basis. It’s my payback!  



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