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Join hands with beauty vlogger Patrick Starrr and Formula X for their very pink #ColorCurators collection.

These days, it takes real talent and charisma to stand out in the sea of beauty vloggers on YouTube—but we doubt that was ever a concern for Patrick Starrr. The only thing that rivals his abilities behind the brush is his sass and humor in every video. You can’t help but smile (and look fierce) at the end of each flashy tutorial.


Over 700,000 subscribers are under his spell, as well as our very own Formula X. The nail polish brand has tapped Starrr as its latest influencer for its #ColorCurators series, where he was able to put his special touch on a trio of all-pink polishes: Lucky Starrr, She Better Werk, and Yazzz.


To fill us in on the collection, he sat down and answered questions posed by our lucky BeautyTalk community. Read on to discover how he plans to match his makeup to his nails, his favorite Formula X polish ever, and more. JESSICA VELEZ


PIXIEDUST2: I’m loving She Better Werk. Will you be doing a tutorial on using these shades together?

PATRICK STARRR: “Hey Pixiedust2! I love She Better Werk too! I myself am not so coordinated with doing my own nails but I have a strong feeling that I will be featuring a nail artist with a tutorial on my channel featuring the colors together.”


POOHBLUEBERRY: The three colors you created are simply beautiful! Which one is your favorite and why?

PATRICK STARRR: “Yazzz POOHBLUEBERRY! Thank you so much! Believe it or not, my favorite color would have to be She Better Werk because it is a classic pink. You can leave it alone or play up the color with amazing nail art. It is such a versatile base and the possibilities are endless.” 


MARAYMAYY: What was your inspiration and what is your favorite way to wear them? Also, what is your favorite Formula X polish color outside of your collab?

PATRICK STARRR: “Hey MARAMAYY! My inspiration came from diversity. I wanted pink for everyone and there is a pink for everyone! My favorite way to wear them is with two coats along with the Formula X The System — Nail Polish for an amazing color payoff and shine! My favorite Formula X polish color outside my collab is the black polish Dark Matter! Although my pinks are bright and jolly, I love a fierce dark black polish.”


MALLORY3000: Hey there Patrick! What kind of makeup looks would you wear with these new fabulous nail polishes? They look stunning and I can’t wait to try them on!

PATRICK STARRR: “Hey MALLORY3000! Thank you so much. I think I’m going to be rocking hot pink, magenta and even red lips the whole month of February. You can definitely wear this look with mauve tones to complement the nails or even rose gold tones as well to stand out. You got this!”


VERONICAAAA: Is there any meaning behind the shades you chose or even the names?

PATRICK STARRR: “Hey VERONICAAAA! I chose all pinks because these colors to me represent love—I love love. The names are inspired by phrases my friends and I use daily: She Better Werk and Yazzz.”


RINNER: I love these shades so much and can’t wait for them to come out. What lipsticks should I wear with them? What are you loving right now?

PATRICK STARRR: “Hey RINNER! I am loving red! Red lipstick is a classic. I feel pinks and reds are cousins, so anything in that pink or red family would complement the Formula X colors. I also love rose pinks and mauve colors with gloss for a hint of sexiness.”


BERNH22A: How did you discover your individual “image,” either in your day-to-day self or this collaboration?

PATRICK STARRR: “Hey BERNH22A! Oh boy—that’s an amazing question! My mom always taught me to surround myself with amazing people. People with kindness in their hearts. So with that in mind, I’ve gained amazing friends along the way. I have met amazing influencers and artists and I have learned so much through them. To this day, I am still learning. I want to learn as much as I can. That’s the best thing about life- discovery.”