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Busy and beautiful! Shiseido expands its IBUKI line for those who love to hustle.

Have you ever wished for a magical clock that lets you stop time? You’re not alone. Busy women of the world everywhere are always looking for ways to squeeze in some TLC—and have the non-manicured hands to prove it. Shiseido knows that sometimes we have to write “take a shower” on our to-do lists, and has expanded its IBUKI collection with that in mind. We think you’ll come to rely on these time-saving beauties more than you do your DVR. JESSICA VELEZ


Shiseido IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask

The When: Right before the sandman arrives.

The Where: Tucked in bed.

The Why: You stayed for another round, long past happy hour.


Do you long for a nap all day, but once five o’clock hits find yourself clinking glasses instead of snuggling with your pillow? Then your skin is paying double the price. Shiseido’s sleeping mask was formulated for night owls like you. Its blubbery gel formula is housed in a spaceship-like bottle, but the results are anything but alien. The vitamin E and C capsules in the mixture make skin brighter, clearer, and more radiant overnight—almost like all signs of fatigue have been abducted.


Shiseido IBUKI Quick Fix Mist

The When: Overscheduled work days.

The Where: On the train between stops.

The Why: You’ve been jumping around the city to meet clients all day in the city—but you don’t want to look like it.


Rush hour? You wish! On days when it feels like you’ve been rushing around all day long, you need to refresh with something hydrating and, most importantly, handy. This mist’s bottle was specially designed with a flat side to fit in your bag (it would easily fit in that pocket made for your cell phone). Beyond the bottle, what’s unique about this mist is its transformative properties. Inside it’s a gel, but press the button—and violà—it’s a liquid on your skin. Just give it a press and say “ahhhh” for a moment of Zen.


Shiseido IBUKI Multi Solution Gel

The When: While the coffee is brewing.

The Where: At the café near the office.

The Why: Because you stress-ate fried foods, and your skin is tattling on you.


Man, that fried chicken sandwich was the, but it has this rude tendency to invite acne to your skin’s party. You don’t have time to perform a number of steps to combat bumps in front of your sink, so instead, go about your routine and bring along this travel-friendly solution gel. The gelatin-like texture goes a long way, so its salicylic acid spreads easily on skin while providing moisture in one go. You’ll be done before your non-foam latte hits the barista bar.


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