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The actress and face of Gucci Guilty Eau opens up about what it means to be guilty.

In a world full of larger-than-life ingénues with circus-act lifestyles, it’s hard to imagine that stars really are “just like us.” But actress Evan Rachel Wood is here to remind us that talented celebrities are down-to-earth enough to say “dude” and eat gooey slices of pizza. Continuing her reign as the face of Gucci fragrances with the launch of Guilty Eau, she sat down with The Sephora Glossy to reveal her guilty pleasures, why she loves playing not-so-innocent characters, and what her ideal romance entails. JESSICA VELEZ


What do you love about the new Gucci Guilty Eau scent?


“I’ve loved the evolution of the fragrance and that each one is perfect for a mood or a style, but still in the same family. The new Guilty Eau scent is still for that confident, very centered, independent woman, but it has a bit more romance and softness. Before it was very sugar and spice. This is a little more exotic, floral, and sensual—there’s a bit more love involved instead of just full-throttle bold and daring. This is more art of seduction and anticipation.”


What inspired you to become the face of the Guilty fragrances, and what drew you to the brand?


“I really loved the whole concept. It wasn’t like any other perfume campaign that I had seen. The whole style was more like a short film.”


What do you think makes fragrance an essential part of any beauty routine?


“I truly feel a bit naked when I leave the house without fragrance. I feel like it just wraps everything up into a neat bow and completes the look. You have everything visually going for you, but I feel like fragrance gives that extra element of something that titillates the senses and inspires the imagination. It’s something that makes memories, and it sticks with you. It can become your signature thing. Whenever people smell it, or are around it, it triggers something. It just helps you go that extra mile to your style and how you want it to reflect your personality.”


What’s your first memory when it comes to fragrance?


“Aside from my mother, which I feel like is a lot of peoples’ first memory of fragrance, I think when I got into middle school I got really obsessed with a strawberries and champagne scent, but I was way too embarrassed to ask for it or go buy it. Instead I would just hurry into the store and grab the tester and spray it all over myself—then run out. That was how I used to put on perfume.”


How do scents help you channel a mood or character?


“I think everyone has different relationships to different scents and smells. You just have to go and try a bunch and find that one that fits your personality. The ingredients help with that. I’ve always loved Gucci Guilty the brand picks ingredients that just reflect different aspects of your personality. The original Gucci Guilty has peach, but it also has pink pepper so it was this sweet kind of juiciness, but also spicy. I love this new fragrance because it’s very exotic and floral with things that you wouldn’t expect like lychee and lilac. I just feel like when the ingredients are interesting it’s reflective of an interesting personality.”


In what ways do you think fragrance can be empowering and transformative?


“I’ve always felt empowered by it when I know it’s made an impression on somebody and they just know when they smell it it’s you, or when you leave them with an article of clothing and they feel like you’re still close by. Whenever I feel like it’s made an impression and it’s like a piece of you that people can take with them forever, there’s something empowering about that.”


The new scent is more romantic and delicate than other Guilty perfumes. What’s your idea of romance or the ideal date?


“I love a good mixture of being silly and playful, but also being adult. I do love a nice dinner and getting dressed up and doing something kind of classic and fun, but then after that, if someone looked at me and loosened up their tie and said, ‘Dude, do you want to go laser tag?’ I’d probably fall in love. I love the classic romance, but also the unexpected fun as well.”


You tend to play unapologetic characters. What do you love about the idea of owning up to being “guilty” instead of striving for innocence?


“I think it’s just more honest. I think everyone’s guilty of something and has guilty pleasures and has a mystery about them. I don’t think anyone’s perfect. There is something innocent about admitting that you are guilty in some way because that’s more real.”


What are your guilty pleasures?


“Pizza. I’m not supposed to eat it because gluten makes me ill, but I eat that all the time. Cartoons—that’s the side of me that has to be connected to my childhood in some way. I love old video games, too. I do like eating my kid’s food, and mind you, he’s two years old. Sometimes the best snacks are baby and toddler snacks. Not baby food, but the really good cookies, biscuits, and cheese puffs. Sometimes I feel really terrible because he’ll ask me for some and I’ll realize I’ve eaten them all. I certainly feel guilty when that happens.” 



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