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Get to know the coolest new brand on the block.

As a beauty writer, you could say I show favoritism to products with excellent shade names. Milk Makeup’s name game is particularly on point—think “That Red Tho,” “Name Drop,” and “Model/DJ.” But this new eco-conscious beauty brand (designed for cool girls on the go) is the total package. Eye-catching componentry? Check. No-frills application? Check. Fantastic formulas? Check. To celebrate Milk Makeup’s launch, I caught the four cofounders—Mazdack Rassi, Dianna Ruth, Georgie Greville Jasper, and Zanna Roberts Rassi—to find out how they created a brand that truly speaks my language. KELLEY HOFFMAN



Mazdack Rassi: “Milk is a cultural hub in NY and LA that sits at the crossroads of fashion, music, photography, art, and film. Milk Makeup is fun, eco-conscious and cool. Our multifunctional, high-tech formulas are built for the girl on the go who spends less time getting done up, [and] more time getting stuff done. Milk Makeup, Milk’s first-ever consumer product launch, is an extension of Milk’s culture and the community we have cultivated over the last two decades.”



Georgie Greville Jasper: “We say girl, but really it’s a universal spirit thing. Modern, ambitious individuals who stand out in a crowd because they have discerning taste and a fun, creative approach to life. They are self-aware, super driven people who work hard and play harder and look awesome doing both.”



Dianna Ruth: “Milk Melt technology is a high-grade blend of coconut waxes that melts on contact with body heat. Using this as a base in our formulas allows them to glide seamlessly onto the skin in seconds so you don’t need a brush—just use your fingers and go!”



DR: “Our packaging is modern and clean in its aesthetic—the markers are a nod to our art culture with their stationary feel and the coverage duo was created for the Milk girl on the go. Sleek, no-fuss, simplified packaging was the goal—so that the product stands for itself.”



Zanna Roberts Rassi: “I’m a Matte Bronzer fanatic because it’s so versatile. I swipe the chubby stick upwards, under the cheekbone, and blend up to lift the face and add some chisel! I use it on eyes for a quick coffee shadow. I swipe it on my pasty arms (half moon at the triceps!) to fake tone, and on my legs for some color before going out (rather than messy fake tan).”



MR: “The Cooling Water stick is amazing. It’s my must for flying—it cools and revitalizes. I am also a Natural Deodorant convert. It smells so good and really works!”

GGJ: “Everything in my makeup bag would have to be my favorite because they allow me to get ready in under five minutes and I use them every single day. My Milk Makeup essentials are Concealer (in Medium), Ubame Mascara, Shadow Liner (in VP), Blush Oil (in Crave), Highlighter, and Lip Color (in Gnarly, O.G. Red, and GRRRL).”

DR: “My personal picks are Sunshine Oil, Lip + Cheek, Concealer, and Ubame Mascara—it’s all you need for your whole face in seconds.”

ZRR: “Eye Vinyl in Bridge. The glossy lid look of this is the gorgeous effect I’ve watched makeup artists both editorially and backstage achieve by mixing many products. Eye Vinyl gets you the glazed lid look in one swipe but without the stickiness, and no homemade chemistry required.”



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