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Scents that are as one-of-kind as you and your style.

Imagine a world where everyone wears the exact same scent—a perfume uniform if you will. Boring, right? That’s because fragrance helps us express our moods and style—just like our favorite fashion pieces. Your rare vintage find and DIY denim tell as much as much about you as your go-to eau de parfum. So, to help you unbottle your originality, The Sephora Glossy matched a unique scent to each of the style pieces you’ve been wearing on repeat. JESSICA VELEZ


The Style Piece: Vintage men’s blazer

The Scent: Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

Peony and lily of the valley notes are grounded by tender musk, much like how a crisply tailored men’s blazer of yesteryear adds edge to an otherwise coquettish outfit. There’s a difference between femininity and girlishness, and Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is definitely the former, thanks to its sophisticated take on florals.


The Style Piece: Striped espadrilles


Odds are your nautical espadrilles are a tad worse for wear—flip one over and we bet sand will waterfall to the floor. Seeing them might take you back to tan lines and sherbet sunsets. It’s that reminiscent feeling that brings us to ‘REPLICA’ Beach Walk. MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA splashed together notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper, and musk to bring to mind days of lacing up those espadrilles and breathing in the salty waves.


The Style Piece: Tulle maxi skirt

The Scent: Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Rose

A scent that bottles soft rose petals, violets, and strawberries calls for an equally delicate and romantic ensemble. Enter: the tulle maxi skirt. It isn’t just a trendy blogger staple—it’s also a breathable floor grazer that dresses up any occasion. Paired with Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Rose, this dynamic duo will leave the whole room lovestruck.


The Style Piece: Patchwork jean overalls

The Scent: Marc Jacobs Daisy

Playful and whimsical, Marc Jacobs Daisy is made for gals who rock grass-stained knees and ballgame battle scars. A pair of jean overalls patched with cheeky and somewhat angsty phrases is right in line with the Daisy attitude. The golden juice inside captures notes of ruby red grapefruit, vanilla white woods, and jasmine petals to prove that even rough and tough tomboys know how to freshen up.


The Style Piece: Fairtytale book clutch

The Scent: DOLCE&GABBANA Dolce Rosa Excelsa

Every fragrance tells a story, and DOLCE&GABBANA’s Dolce Rosa Excelsa is one of enchantments and charms. It’s a fresh take on the traditional rose, which is muddled with neroli leaves and daffodil. If you love a good happy ending, then store this rose-capped bottle on your shelf next to the clutch made to mimic your favorite storybook, and give it a spritz before you walk out the door on your next adventure.


The Style Piece: Heirloom chandelier earrings

The Scent: Dior J’adore Eau Lumiere

Love things that are sparkly and new? Then you’re sure to be mesmerized by Dior’s latest take on its J’adore classic, dubbed Eau Lumiere. Its sparkling ingredients of blood orange, neroli, and rose are what give it its blushed-toned shade, like a glass of rosé bubbly. Up the twinkle factor with the dangly chandelier earrings passed down from so many generations that you don’t even remember which grandmother first added it to her jewelry box.



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