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Stella McCartney introduces us to her new girl-meets-world fragrance.

Stella McCartney POP is like a growth spurt in liquid form. It’s a celebration of maturing: whether you’re starting your first office job or finally subbing your cartoon pajamas for silky sets. The designer herself—who’s all too familiar with making big leaps in life—talks to The Sephora Glossy on why POP relates to every woman making strides. JESSICA VELEZ, REPORTING BY KELLEY HOFFMAN


How would you describe the spirit of Stella McCartney POP?

“POP is a celebration of the moment a young girl becomes a woman, and everything that symbolizes. It’s really just about celebrating and living in that moment. It’s a celebration of life, of having a voice. I think a woman of any generation can relate to that feeling, and particularly for young women, it’s a huge moment.”


What do you personally love about POP?

“I believe fragrance should enhance a woman’s unique inner beauty, not distract from or overpower it. POP celebrates a grounded approach to beauty and luxury that pushes the boundaries. It is about an attitude rooted in authenticity and individuality, a liberation from a one-size-fits-all mold.”


What makes this scent stand apart from your other fragrances?

“I’m a fan of simple fragrances; I don’t like a lot of complication, and I don’t like too many elements to overwhelm and overpower each other. POP is a very direct statement, and the fragrance reflects that. It has a beautiful depth and femininity from the tuberose that is really contrasted with sandalwood.”


We love the design of the POP bottle! Tell us about your process of deciding on the final look.

“When I was working on the bottle I wanted it to have a relationship with my first fragrance, STELLA. They are two complementary pieces. STELLA is more of a classic fragrance; POP is the younger girl, the new girl coming up. I wanted it to have a timeless element in the glass cut work, but also have a bold, standout statement. I wanted to connect it to what I do in ready-to-wear and on the runway, so the lid comes from my Falabella bag, which is a really iconic piece for us. I made the disc more three-dimensional and popped in this really vibrant fuchsia metallic color, which is very chic but also brings youth and edge and a side to the design that’s very alive. The revolutionary aspect is that we’ve incorporated the lid into the bottle itself."


How can fragrance be empowering and transformative?

“Wearing fragrance is emotional, and it’s about feeling good about yourself, attracting someone else in your life and making yourself feel attractive in the process. It’s about loving yourself, loving your fragrance, being honest to yourself and choosing the fragrance that is right for you so that you are wearing it and it’s not wearing you, which is a real reflection of our brand—naturally feminine, confident, and modern.”  



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