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Unbottle the scents of adventure.

Do we all not live for summer? From ice cream dripping down our wrists to longer days and shorter to-do lists, we can’t get enough. And if summer is our time to break out of the mold and make our daydreams come true, then we should have a scent that speaks to that genuine side of life. Well, consider it done. The Sephora Glossy matched some of the season’s best pastimes with a perfume that will take you there and back again. JESSICA VELEZ


THE OCCASION: Date at the fair

THE SCENT: Prada Candy Kiss

Soft and sweet, Prada Candy Kiss is the cotton candy of perfume. So, that makes it perfect for an innocent date at the fair, where bright lights render you starry eyed and rides make you giddy and dizzy—or maybe that’s the romance? Sit close on the Ferris wheel and let your date breathe in the orange blossom, suave vanilla, and musk slowly spiraling through the summer night air.


THE OCCASION: Boating at the lake

THE SCENT: Miu Miu Eau de Parfum

Chic and sophisticated, Miu Miu’s debut fragrance carries notes that are both fresh and earthy in its matelassé bottle. Docking off for a morning boat pedal at the lake, surrounded by gliding geese and swans, will give you a similar sense of its uprooted ingredients. Lily of the valley, jasmine petal, and ginger notes call for an outdoorsy yet refined experience such as this.


THE OCCASION: Berry picking

THE SCENT: CLEAN Reserve Amber Saffron

Part of the CLEAN Reserve collection, the Amber Saffron scent was crowned the “most delicious” by the brand. Why? Because raspberries were squeezed into the blend. The effect is a spoonful of sweet to this otherwise musky and sensual fragrance. So, the next time you’re hankering for a berry jam or pie, get into the spirit by dabbing this on before grabbing your wicker basket.  


THE OCCASION: Making spiked lemonade


There’s so much to love about a Sunday morning in the summer. Like the fact that your alarm clock is dead to you (at least for the day) and you can give your pet all the tummy scratches in the world. But, you might feel a little hot and sticky. For that, we have a twofold remedy. First, spray on this clean and zesty fragrance, and then get to squeezing a fresh batch of homemade lemonade—spiked or extra sugar is your call. Bonus points if you drink it on the porch.


THE OCCASION: Watching a free movie in the park


This prim-meets-posh scent was inspired by an uptown woman’s Saturday afternoon while strolling down 10 Crosby street. But where does this urban sophisticate go when the sun has set, but it’s too muggy to stay indoors? She heads—patchwork quilt and wine bottle in hand—to her nearby park’s public screening of a classic film. The scent’s notes of pink peony and French narcisse will be welcomed amongst the local foliage.



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