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Tom Ford Beauty’s Director of Innovation and Product Development is serving us luxe summer beauty, sunny side up.

You’ll find that behind every top-rated product, there is a beauty innovator who first dreamt it up. One such originator is Tom Ford Beauty’s very own Philippe Chansel. He’s the man behind the new Soleil Collection—a posh summer line for beauty on the bright side. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Chansel to learn how the collection embodies a “forever summer” attitude, what’s next in beauty trends, and more. JESSICA VELEZ


The Soleil Collection is the first Tom Ford Beauty color collection at Sephora. Tell us what makes your makeup line amazing and one of a kind.


“What makes Tom Ford Beauty amazing and one of a kind is Tom Ford, the person. He has a very particular view of beauty for women and men that is glamorous, seductive, and sophisticated. He is inspired by the ’70s and the ’20s, both very glamorous and hedonistic eras.”


What’s it like to work with Tom Ford?


“Amazing, obviously! He is very busy and spends a lot of time at his studio in London, and he is currently working on his new film. He is very clear on what he wants and definitely has a vision for whatever he is working on—including beauty. He is open to seeing new formulas and concepts, but in the end it is always his final decision. He truly gives the line a point of view.”


What’s an average day like for you as the Director of Innovation and Product Development?


“My days can vary quite a bit. Some days are spent working with the lab, others reviewing new product submissions, while others are spent in meetings with marketing and education. I travel a fair amount, but mostly I’m looking for what’s new and cool in products.”


What inspired the Soleil Collection?


“Tom Ford came up with the idea of Soleil because of the way he works in fashion. He does cruise/resort collections and so he thought, ‘Why not do it with beauty, just like the spring and fall collections?’ In the world we live in now where people travel so much, it is always summer somewhere!”


What do you love about the Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Collection Bronzing Powder?


“I really love the formula—it is jet-milled and super fine with a sheerness to it that allows it to look very natural on skin. It is easily buildable to your desired shade and never streaks or blotches.”


How did you come to choose the shades of the Ultra-Rich Lip Colors?


“The shades were chosen with the idea of a woman on a private island with bronzed skin and minimal but glamorous makeup. The formula has a lot of pigment, so you get instant color and a thin film so it feels lightweight at the same time.”


How does the Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Collection Radiant Moisture Soufflé reenergize skin after it’s been in the sun?


“The soufflé rehydrates the skin as well as re-energizes with the Infusing Complex, which is comprised of energin, caffeine, and noni extract. The soufflé also contains very fine gold pearls, so upon application your skin is instantly radiant, vibrant, and energized.”


The casings are so luxurious. What was the inspiration behind the packaging design?


“When Tom Ford started his own brand he set out to be the first true luxury brand of the 21st century, so when it came to his beauty line, he wanted packaging that looked and felt truly luxurious.”


How do you predict beauty trends? Any hints on what the next big thing in beauty will be?


“There is no science to predicting trends, but in general I follow fashion, see manufacturers regularly, read forecasting books, and listen to what women are looking for. As far as what’s coming, there are new pigment technologies and new formulas in foundations that will make them look and feel more real—which is perfect for our Instagram-obsessed society!”


What mark do you want to leave on the beauty industry?

“I hope I bring innovation and beauty to everything I do.”



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