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Layer the fragrance’s new precious oil to ignite a lasting scent.

Whether it’s spicy or sweet, spritzing on a fragrance in the morning sets the mood for your day. But you can still run into unexpected dilemmas that make you work up a sweat. When the dust finally clears, you want a fragrance that made it through right along with you. That’s where the new Flowerbomb line comes in. With this layering technique featuring the new Precious Oil, your favorite floral-meets-seductive scent won’t raise a white flag before you do. JESSICA VELEZ


Step 1: Lather on Flowerbomb Body Crème


The Flowerbomb Body Crème is like lighting the fuse to this scent routine. It not only imparts a light, powdery base of the scent all over skin, but also locks in moisture with its buttery texture. And, it doesn’t hurt that it’s housed in a chic hexagon-shaped glass jar that looks like it time-traveled right off the vanity of an Old Hollywood star.


Step 2: Drop Flowerbomb Precious Oil on pulse points


This is where the real long-lasting magic happens. The Precious Oil edition is infused with five oils that help the evocative scent melt into skin. The dropper format gives you precise placement—so take things one step further by strategically dabbing it on pulse points: wrists, décolleté, and behind knees.


Step 3: Spritz on the Flowerbomb


Consider this last step as the setting spray of perfume—a quick couple spritzes and you’re completely Flowerbombed! Now maybe try to stay away from any sparks…



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