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The YouTube beauty queen discusses her extended makeup collection with BECCA.

Dream team Jaclyn Hill and BECCA have reunited once again, and this time, the champagne is overflowing. Expanding off the original Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector, the collection includes poured and liquid versions, plus a face palette. You might want to invest in a bigger makeup bag! The Sephora Glossy caught up with everyone’s favorite vlogging makeup artist to learn more about the collection, how to create a Jaclyn-approved look with it, and what she considers to be the highlights of her day. JESSICA VELEZ


What was the inspiration behind the Champagne Collection?

“My inspiration came from my subscribers. When BECCA started the discussion of creating a face palette, I immediately knew exactly what I wanted. I am extremely engaged with my followers and I’m constantly reading comments, tweets, emails, etc. One of the most common questions during spring and summer is what blush they should be using. So, I figured, let’s create a face palette of blushes and highlighters that I am personally obsessed with!”


Why do you love Champagne Pop?

“I love it because it’s my firstborn child [laughs]. I really believe that Champagne Pop is so unique—I designed it to be that way. I had a vision of a particular shade that was very difficult to explain and worked on all skintones. BECCA was able to make that vision come to life!”


What do you love about the Champagne Collection Face Palette?

“I love everything about it! The Face Palette is the essence of me! It’s so shiny, with lots of gold, and just feels so luxurious in your hand.”


What kind of look would you create with the Champagne Collection Face Palette? Walk us through the steps.

“It’s all the glow you could want, all in one place. Use Amaretto in the eye crease to create dimension. Then apply Pamplemousse as a blush on the apples of your cheeks. Overlay your blush with Rosé Spritz for an added luminous pop on the cheeks. Mix Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop together to create the ultimate glow!”


When would you use the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed instead of Poured Crème or the liquid highlighter, and vice versa?

“I would use Champagne Pop Pressed to create the most beaming highlight possible. This look is for the trendy girl. And I would use Champagne Pop Poured Crème directly after foundation and concealer, before you apply powder. Poured Crème is ideal for mature skin. As for the Champagne Pop liquid, your possibilities are endless. You can mix it in with foundation for all-over radiance. Or, you can apply it after primer to give a glow-from-within effect, which is beautiful for brides. You can also use it to highlight the cheekbones, then set it with Champagne Pop Pressed for a very intense glow. Lastly, use it on the body. Overall, it’s gorgeous for special occasions and beach days!”


As a vlogger, you don’t get a lot of face time with your fans. What was it like to meet and greet your followers while promoting Champagne Pop last year?

“Meeting fans is my favorite part of what I do! I’m always taken aback by the love we have. We share an amazing connection, and I can talk with them forever without any awkwardness. It’s like we are best friends that are meeting for the first time! I know I sound cheesy, but they understand. They get me.” 


Describe your new collection using only five emojis.



Since we’re talking about highlighters here, what are usually the highlights of your day?

“Eating, trying new products, snuggling with my dogs and my husband, watching a good movie, highlighting my face to the heavens, and oh—more eating!” 


What’s the last reason you popped open a bottle of champagne?

“My good friend hit 100,000 subscribers and we popped a bottle of champagne in the middle of the afternoon! What can I say, I’m a celebrator!” 



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