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Does he really need another tie?

There’s a plethora of tired dad clichés out there (dad bods anyone?)—but on Father’s Day, we take our pops seriously. We want to give them presents that are as thoughtful as the way they treat us. The Sephora Glossy rounded up a handful of colognes that were practically brewed with dad eccentricities in mind. Whether your dad loves his dog more than you (kidding!) or he taught you everything there is to know about folk artists, there’s a fragrance that captures his originality, right here.



For the…Softball Coach Dad

Paco Rabanne Invictus


This trophy-shaped cologne was crafted to be the “scent of victory,” making it the perfect gift for the world’s #1 dad. Even more so if he devotes Saturdays to teaching his pitching technique to little leaguers. This fragrance is as light as the fresh-cut grass he’s used to on the diamond, with bright notes of grapefruit fizzing it up. The scent even has its own curveball—patchouli—that’s been blended in to give it a richness that’s not overpowering.


For the…Musician Dad

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

He may have good taste in music—attested by his vinyl collection—but Dad might need help finding a fragrance that’s also a crowd pleaser. Spicebomb is for someone who loves classic rock as much as the latest garage band, because it combines old-world ingredients, like tobacco, with the fresh and unexpected, like white leather accord and chili. And, clearly, a scent called Spicebomb is made for those who love on-stage explosions.


For the…Craftsman Dad


Did your pops build you a treehouse when you were a kid? If yes, first off, we’re pretty jealous—can we come over? Second, he more than deserves to get his calloused hands on this TOM FORD scent, created for men who live for the scent of fresh-cut wood. Even if he’s more of a small-scale birdhouse-building kind of guy, this oud, cardamom, and vetiver cologne will still appeal to his love for natural elements.


For the…Best Dressed Dad

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Ultime

While your friend’s dads wore socks with sandals, your old man picked you up from school wearing loafers, lookin’ all types of sharp. For him, only Yves Saint Laurent will do. The fact that its L’Homme Ultime scent is new means this savvy dad hasn’t already scooped it up for himself. Ginger, clary sage, and cedarwood make up some of the many oils in this fragrance, meaning it’s potent with notes as strong as his sense of style.


For the…Camping Dad


If only dry shampoo was a thing all those times your Dad made you go camping as a kid. Well, at least you can give him something to keep him fresh the next time he sleeps under the stars. Somehow, the mixture of Dior SAUVAGE’s Ambroxan, Reggio bergamot, and Sichuan pepper ingredients come together to create a scent that’s simply rugged.



For the…Animal-Loving Dad


Dads with a weakness for puppy dog eyes now have a scent that matches their emotional side. Hugo Boss wanted to create a scent for men who listen to their hearts more than their heads, and they succeeded. To us, that translates to the kind of dad who picks up strays with open arms. His sweet soul would appreciate the leather, maninka fruit, ginger, and lavender ingredients that will make you think of him.



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