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The Provocateurs: Models Take It Off

The Provocateurs: Models Take It Off

Three models on the power of coming clean.

The best moment of any of our photo shoots: when we first see the model’s finished makeup look. But we’re also enamored with the perfect skin they walk in with. Since their day jobs include piling on makeup, how do they keep their skin looking so good?

"I always wash off any makeup before bed, and I follow the cleanser with a purifying toner, which makes all the difference in keeping my skin clear. But I only wash once a day. In the mornings, it's just a rinse with really cold water." — Jett

“I love the Clinique Clarifying Lotion as my toner. I really feel like my skin gets a good cleaning from it at night before I go to bed.” — Siri Tollerod

“I try to wash my face every day with the Clarisonic Mia. When I get a little lazy with my skin, I wake up with pimples and curse myself! I try my best to take those two minutes for my skin because I really I can’t do without them!” — Mariel Soehner


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