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Caster shares her essential oil prescriptions for some of our most stressful situations.

We love the solution-focused concept behind essential oil line 21 Drops as much as we love its poppy, petite packaging. Benefits like #19 Will Power and #2 PMS Relief are undoubtedly helpful—and sometimes we need both of those things at once. “Always start with the blend you need most,” says the brand’s founder, Cary Caster, of cocktailing the oils. “Under the nose is optimal, but try some blends on obvious places, too, like the blend for headaches on the temples.” Here, Caster gave us specific recommendations for some upcoming events.

Situation: Ski weekend with the husband’s family: close quarters, loud kids, and low temps.
SOLVE: “Grab #1 Invigorate to give you energy to face the morning and #10 Calm as you make your way to the slopes. #3 Strength or #7 Equalize are all-around favorites to help with any drama that can ensue with family in close quarters.”

Situation: Giving a big speech in a different time zone. Nerves and jet lag abound!
SOLVE: “#11 De-Stress is a must to steady your nerves, while #9 Focus works to keep you on top of your game. Jet lag begone. Hello, big speech!”

Situation: Watching my diet and surrounded by birthday cake. SOS!
SOLVE: “Our #20 Abstain blend has the power to help stop temptation in its tracks. The sweet smell helps with cravings while #19 Will Power helps boost your motivation and determination.”

Situation: Stayed out too late. Feeling nauseous and can’t concentrate!
SOLVE: “If you need to focus, use #9 Focus. It’s a cup of java in a vial! And even if you didn’t drink a whole lot, #4 Hangover is a refreshing tonic of essential oils to awaken your senses and clear your mind.”

Situation: Have an appointment with trainer—but zonked from work.
SOLVE: “Call and cancel? No way! Inhale #1 Invigorate to wake yourself up and get the blood pumping, then #19 Will Power to maximize motivation and endurance.”

Situation: Recovering from a cold and throwing a friend’s engagement dinner. Can’t taste a thing!
SOLVE: “Use #15 Decongest to clear nasal passages. Add #3 Strength to help you sail through the party with your usual charm and wit.”

Situation: Internet date with a dashing stranger, but have a pounding headache. Not very sexy!
SOLVE: “Try #5 Headache, and bring along #6 Passion to dab on if things look like they’re progressing nicely!”

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