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Emerald Carroll on Emerald

Emerald Carroll on Emerald

The New York City–based digital marketing consultant and girl-about-town on sharing a name with the Pantone Color of the Year.

How did you get the name Emerald?
I was born in May, so Emerald is my birthstone. My mother, who is a color consultant, is interested in eastern religion, and in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions green is the color of the heart chakra, which represents love and compassion. And my parents thought it sounded good with Carroll!

Do you own a lot of emerald jewelry?
I was gifted a lot of emerald jewelry as a child, but unfortunately I lost most of it. Real emeralds are not for young children! Many people don’t know this, but because of their rarity, fine emeralds, carat for carat, can be two to three times as valuable as diamonds!

Does your name often get butchered on your cappuccino cup?
Yes! Sometimes I just pick a random easy name to give, which can be sort of fun, but if I’m with friends they always give me a hard time when I do this. Maybe they think I’m being a traitor to my own name? Or, more likely, they find it funny to watch me have to spell it out to a confused barista.

Have you met any other Emeralds?
No…but I hope to!

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