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Benefit’s new World Famous Neutrals Kit has the beauty world buzzing, in part thanks to Eyenessa, its cartoon cover model!

True, Benefit’s new World Famous Neutrals Kit is full of foolproof colors, fantastic formulas, and simple instructions, but when the Sephora team first saw it, all we could talk about was Eyenessa, the woman drawn on the box. We weren’t the only ones—our friends at Benefit report their fans are smitten with her. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Eyenessa to find out about her world fame—and her World Famous Neutrals!
You’ve been compared to a certain pretty young starlet and have dazzled message boards with your fortune teller–chic style. How would you describe your unique look?
That’s not an answer I can reveal. I’m constantly reinventing my nude look from easy to sexy to glam!
Some women may think of nude shades as a bit office-y. How can you make neutrals look sexy for evening? 
The kit includes easy-to-follow “Daytime Tips” as well as “Playtime Tips” that will instantly take your look from desk to dawn.
What are your favorite ways to wear your World Famous Neutrals?
Experiment with your neutrals. That’s the fun of it all. There are no rules, especially at Benefit. Eyenessa wishes you good makeup fortune!
What do you pair the shades with (lipstick/gloss, etc.)?
If you want to dramatize the eyes, pair it with a light gloss or tint. If you’re going for a more neutral nude look on the eyes, then a bold lip can really make a statement.
The kit includes the “Most Glamorous Nudes Ever.” What, to you, is the epitome of glamour?
Glamour is effortless beauty!

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