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Front/Center: CC creams

Front/Center: CC creams

Sephora Head Skincare Merchant Priya Venkatesh introduces CC creams—a whole new way to set the tone.

Here at Sephora, we’re super excited about CC creams: the best way to prime, hydrate, perfect, protect, and color correct. Our brainy skincare team sees zillions of new products, and it takes a lot to impress them. “When we first saw CC creams at the Cosmoprof trade show in Bologne, we almost thought it was a joke,” says Priya Venkatesh, Sephora’s Head Merchant for Skincare. “But then we tested the formulations and really liked the idea of bringing brightening and complexion-enhancing properties to an all-in-one product.” These multitasking formulas take care of many daily skincare needs, like sun protection and hydration, while enhancing radiance.

And about those comparisons to BB creams? “BB creams are great alone for high coverage or as a base for foundation, while CC creams are a little lighter in texture, with a true focus on color correction,” says Venkatesh, adding that there is room for both in any routine. “CC creams tend to have stronger treatment benefits and a bit less priming benefits.”

So what’s the next double-letter score? CC creams for hair. “We’re really excited to launch our first CC for hair from Alterna,” divulges Venkatesh. “I’ve tried it and it’s an immense time saver—it’s a leave-in and a styler. It’s the first time hair products are infusing so much skincare technology, with antioxidants, UV protection, enzyme therapy, and of course, color-hold technology!”


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