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T3 Lead Hairstylist Dan Sharp’s favorite ways to show your hair you care.

Today is not the day to show up at your morning meeting with a wet head. For today, dear friends, we celebrate National Hairstyle Appreciation Day. Shelve your scrunchies and butterfly clips for a more…nostalgic occasion, and get to know T3’s new sets that make heat styling simple. We caught up with Dan Sharp, lead stylist for T3 and co-owner of Brooklyn salon Danka Panka, to get some tips. LENA PARK

STRAIGHTEN UP. If you’re going for more of a sleek look, try hair products containing light oils like Bumble and bumble’s new Hairdresser Invisible Oil. “It’s a lightweight product that gives hair a feather-soft feel and leaves behind a beautiful, non-greasy sheen. Pair it with the T3 SinglePass Iron to make hair smooth, soft, shiny, and healthy.”

TRY: T3 x Bumble and bumble SinglePass + Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Styling Set

ADD VOLUME. T3’s Pump Up the Volume Set includes the new Featherweight 2 Dryer and Neo-Tortoise Shell Wide Tooth Comb, plus Living Proof Full Thickening Cream. “The combination is absolutely amazing, making each strand fuller to give your hair some serious volume that lasts for days,” promises Sharp. “My mother is absolutely addicted!"

TRY: T3 x Living Proof Pump Up The Volume Featherweight 2 Styling Set

BONUS: MAKE IT LAST. “If your hair loses its style when you sleep, try using a soft, stretchy hair elastic and create a ponytail at the top of your head,” advises Sharp. This will help control your style while you sleep, and the placement and material of the hair tie prevents dreaded ponytail marks. You took the time to style your hair so rock it as long as you can!

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