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Jennifer Aniston talks exclusively to The Sephora Glossy’s Holly Siegel about her hair ups and downs.

Your photograph is probably one of the most commonly brought into hair salons. Do you feel like a trendsetter?
I don’t necessarily think of myself as a trendsetter. Obviously, a trend was set with The Rachel, which is flattering, 100%. It’s taken me years of mistakes to even get the colors and cuts that I have.

Is damaged hair an occupational hazard for you?
Well, it is for anyone. We all try to keep our hair healthy. I’m in a business where, more than most people, it’s pulled at, blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled. I’m constantly trying to chase the damage that’s done, so Living Proof has been this find to help get my hair back to some really good health.

How did you get involved with Living Proof?
They approached me about a year ago, and I said, “Let me try the products.” I was going away for a movie with very humid, high temperatures, and especially with No Frizz, because that was their big seller and I have really frizzy hair. I said to give some to Chris [McMillan], my hairdresser, because if he believes in it, I believe in it, and we’ll talk. As many times as I’d been approached by hair companies, I didn’t just want to be the face of a hair company. And the way they described the science and how this was different than everything else, I was extremely intrigued, and I started using it.

What has the experience working with the brand as part-owner been like?
It’s exciting to be on the product development side, because you can come up with ideas on how to expand the line, and really support it. It feels better than just being the face of a product to be involved in the creation. I went to MIT and got to go in the lab and see the creation of the new molecule that would replace the silicone!

Without naming names, what are some characteristics of bad hair products?
The thing you’ll notice with shampoos is they’ll sell you a headline and after a couple months of use, that just starts to wear off because of all the silicones and oils and things that basically ultimately end up snapping your hair. If you can go more than one day without washing, blow-drying and styling, you will save your hair over time.

Tell me about Living Proof’s new Satin Serum.
It doesn’t contain silicone, which most do, so it lightens up on your hair immediately and doesn’t attract dirt, so you don’t wake up the next day with a greasy head of hair. Silicone is the biggest hidden villain.

What were the first Living Proof products that won your heart?
The No Frizz and the Restore Mask. My hair survived the humidity in North Carolina, which was one of the biggest tests, and after three months I was still loving it, and all my girlfriends got into it. My manager loves the mask. She thinks it’s a dream. And I had a girlfriend call me from a photo shoot the other day and say, “This Living Proof product is amazing!”

What’s the best hairstyle you’ve ever had?
I mean, there’s the Rachel—but I always like a long, sleek blowout. Something simple I can put my hands through. I’m not a big updo person, it feels too severe for me. I like to be relaxed.

What’s your least favorite?
The first cut I had in 2000. Chris cut my hair off, and two years ago he cut it off again. I just love long hair. It feels feminine. When I cut it it’s because I’ve done extensions or something and the damage is irreversible.

Have you ever cut or colored your own hair?
Yes, high school. Boysenberry was the name of the color, and it was a wonderful vibrant eggplant hue, that as it washed off turned into this crazy magenta orange. That was the ’80s.

What would be your desert island Living Proof product?
Well, I don’t know if it’s been created yet, because we have an idea…!

You’re known for these effortless waves…
Nothing’s effortless, first of all. Let’s clear the record on that. That’s like trying to attain something that’s not the case. But you can have an easier time managing your hair. And more good hair days.


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