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We caught up with the man behind the butterflies.

For our latest campaign, we turned to an illustrator who lent us his artistic eye on everything from the botanical visuals in our windows to the abstract butterfly prints that adorn our limited-edition Mother’s Day gift bags (using beauty products as paint, no less!). Spiros Halaris is the man we have to thank for contributing his heart-fluttering imagery and for helping to bring our theme of uplifting gifting to life. We sat down with the Athens-born, London-educated, and currently New York-based Halaris to hear his take on the project. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Why were you excited to team up with Sephora on this assignment?
Sometimes a lot of brands don’t really take a lot of creative risks. It always has to be a bit clean; it always has to be commercially friendly in a way that’s almost nude and neutral. I think Sephora always has a creative touch, from their in-store installations to the windows to the presentations. They work with talent that give an oomph to the beauty products.

What inspires you about butterflies?
The whole idea of something being mirrored, and the pattern is so rich but at the same time it’s so detailed and has almost a print perspective. I think that was a great visual inspiration to manipulate and play with. And how, for example, the makeup products that we used as paint were then transformed into butterfly pattern prints.

What beauty products did you use?
I used a lot of different powders and a lot of different glosses that were great to create a more liquid effect; I used some lipsticks and nail polish too, which created more of a marble effect for the prints.

So, tell us, what beauty products are the best for painting?
I was really impressed—because I never thought of using it—and I never thought it would be so cool: it was actually the nail polish. It already has an effect, and when you start mixing various nail polishes together, it kind of almost blends but it doesn’t blend, it’s like oil and water, it creates more and more different patterns itself, so it can be really playful and fun to work with.

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