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CAMEO: Josie Maran

CAMEO: Josie Maran

Learn Josie Maran’s hair secret.

WHO: Josie Maran, model, mom, beauty trailblazer, natural wonder

WHAT: “My new Argan Hot Oil Self Heating Hair Treatment means no running frantically between the microwave and the shower,” says Maran. “You put it on wet hair and the water activates a self-heating feature that makes it get really warm on your head. Leave it on for 60 seconds, rinse, and your hair is shinier, healthier, and stronger. I’m obsessed!”

WHEN: “I use it once a week to revive my hair, especially if I’ve had photo shoots or appearances where I’ve had to heat-style my hair. It prevents a lot of the damage.”

WHY: “I’ve used hot oil treatments for years, but I wanted a fast, easy version that would do the work for me. Plus, I wanted something natural—and of course, with Argan Oil! It took a while but I’m so thrilled with the results.”


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